Games week 2017 date

Paris Games Week 2017, By the Players

games week 2017 date

International Games Day became International Games Week in . Feel free to host your event outside of these dates if that is best for.

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Paris Games Week just ended after seven crazy days at Parc des expositions in Paris. Like every year, players came with their friends or family to try the latest games, and enjoy one of the best consumer shows in the world. For this eighth edition, nearly , people celebrated the richness and diversity of the video game industry with the presence of exhibitors who represented the history, the present and the future of video games. Jeremy, 28 years old. Margaux, 19 years old.

The PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference is turning out to be a fair bit more important than people first thought. Brace for impact…. The big question this week is: has Sony got enough to dent Xbox One X launch week? People are expecting the return of some of the bigger titles that were shown at E3 this year , as well as a handful of new releases and a surprise or two. Sony are promising seven new game announcements and updates for 21 other titles. This was a lot of stuff we knew about already, but there were some smaller announcements.

QUO VADIS consists of keynotes, talks, roundtables and workshops focusing on individually tailored tracks for business developers, game developers, community developers and other industries interested in digital games. The format is designed specifically for professionals and emerging talents in the fields of games, media and IT industry. A MAZE. Gamefest invites families and gamers to come by and casually play games, listen to music, meet stars from the scene and learn something new in creative workshops. From international blockbusters and creative indie titles to VR and board games, everything is possible. Games and Tech. For the second time in gamesweekberlin history four main events and several satellite events are gathered in one location.

Milan Games Week 2017, here we come!

Conference de presse 2017

For 5 days, the Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs a French organization promoting the interests of video game developers will storm the varied halls of the Paris Expo — Porte de Versailles with a now-cult program. This year, a better spot is made to cosplayers who are given a new spot featuring a photocall, a devoted store and exceptional guests. Parents are invited to discover the gaming universe with Pedagojeux , an area dedicated to understand the passion of our deak kiddos for video games. For coding enthusiasts and playful video creation fans, an area also invites our children to discover a rather unknown job and to create their very own video game they can bring home to play on their computer. Cosplay, e-sport championship, game test, conference

Paris Games Week





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    Paris Games Week, or simply PGW, is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Paris Attendance, , (). Organized by, SELL. Website, www. Dates[edit]. Year, Dates, Venue, Location, Attendance.

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