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coin black friday 2017


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On Thursday November 23, Americans celebrate family and food by gathering their nearest and dearest and piling their plates high. The following day, the U. Bitcoin Black Friday was launched by crypto enthusiast Jon Holmquist in , initially as a means of raising awareness of bitcoin. By his own admission, the cryptocurrency has been doing just fine in the awareness stakes of late; most people with the capacity to shop online have at least heard of bitcoin. For owners of the cryptocurrency, however, many of whom have seen their portfolio double, triple, or even 10x in value this year, parting with those precious coins even for an event as monumental as Bitcoin Black Friday is a big ask.

Black Friday gives hobby miners a chance to grab top-end GPUs. As the world gears up for 24 hours of Black Friday madness, hobby miners would do well to take advantage of specials on the top GPUs on the market. Both GPU manufacturers saw their stocks rise to new heights alongside Bitcoin and demand for their graphics cards soared mid-year as every average Joe and his dog looked to get into the lucrative crypto mining space. Nvidia outperformed their rivals AMD on the stock markets this year - as a quick glance at their comparative stock prices over the past 10 months confirms. There are a number of mining pools across the world, but China monopolizes the market - with the likes of Bitmain producing hardware to complement their massive pool of crypto miners known as Antpool. While a single, hobby miner will only generate a tiny amount of income using their personal computer to mine at home, there is still a massive demand for graphics cards. The average man on the street could really benefit from tech specials this Black Friday.

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This site uses JavaScript to provide a number of functions, to use this site please enable JavaScript in your browser. They use phishing to attempts to harvest credentialsor lead victims to less-than-reputable stores. They send opaquely named files and create websites designed to confuse recipients. In this blog, we will describe in further detail how some of these techniques are being used, and how to avoid them. Shoppers tend to do most of their holiday shopping over non-mobile PC devices.

Black Friday Deals


Discussion in ' Bullion Investing ' started by myownprivy , Nov 17, Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. Has anyone been notified from their preferred online bullion dealers of any Black Friday specials? Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. Not yet. Last year the adds came via email a few days before.

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Its real name is Bitcoin Black Friday, and it is back for its second year bigger than ever. A number of merchants are offering unique deals on goods and services, here are some of the best available for Friday. Get over to these sites and spend some bitcoin! Hosting service Monster Megs has been accepting bitcoin since March of this year. Coinbase is a hosted wallet and payment processor for bitcoin. A domain registrar that has been accepting bitcoin since March, with zero confirmations to ensure speedy processing. Namecheap is taking part in the Black Friday festivities for bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges hold bitcoin giveaways, while merchants list exclusive deals fro people paying in digital currency. Merchants simply list their bitcoin-exclusive deals, and users can check out all the deals in one place. -



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