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If you're new to the Codemasters forums, don't know anybody and aren't sure how everything works, come on in! Use this forum to chat about anything related to Codemasters that does not have its own forum already, e. Think of these forums as a cosy room with comfortable sofas where you can sit and chill, perhaps enjoy a nice cup of tea whilst discussing anything off-topic, or not related to our games. Need help with something technical? Get technical assistance from your fellow players in this forum. We've built full league support right into the heart of DiRT Rally, to set up your league and for more info visit dirtgame. By stcooza Started 5 hours ago.

Log in or Sign up. Welcome to the largest sim racing website in the world! Blurring the line between real and virtual motorsports. Discussions: 23 Messages: Latest: Hungaroring - Hungary Dry stef , Aug 1, Discussions: Messages: 7,

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By Hill0 , November 14, in General Discussion. In the moment I play only the grand prix mode. I play the current race Brazil, now I change to Abu Dhabi. When I can win a race, I increase just the difficulty level. I really like this game, no race like the other. I didn't must get records or high scores, I will only enjoy the races.

I am wondering if me and my mates are the only ones who find that. Where can we maybe petition CM to change it back to 17 minutes, because you have 4 sets of tyres and 12 minutes and it's a joke. Dear devs, dear everyone, First of all, my english is worse than an 1 yo baby talking. Sorry about that I bought the game recently 'cause i love F1 games since F1 ' Then, '17 is my first one on PC.

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I got it to work again using the same program on f1 , but then it only works for the modern cars! Any solutions? First Flashback after a turner and an impact in the wall. Second Flashback just missed the turn and both times Safty Car deployed with no other cars damaged or any other reason. I paid full price for game which is full of bugs. Every year the games are full of singleplayer and multiplayer bugs and they dont fixed till now. Extend your beta program for testing and finding bugs please.





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