Taurasi festa del vino 2017

Renonno 2012 Taurasi Salvatore Molettieri DOCG

taurasi festa del vino 2017

Ballerini alla fiera del vino a Taurasi

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To tell Salvatore Molettieri and his company is to find the thread and the sense of a territorial identity that keeps itself constantly alive and slowly matures full-bodied fruits. Like the Aglianico, this vine has now become part of the wine-making legend of Campania, from whose grapes Salvatore obtains wines which, according to experts, aspire to become a term of comparison for the reds of Irpinia. History: a success over thirty years The Salvatore Molettieri Winery was established in , giving entrepreneurial dignity to a long peasant experience and a winemaking tradition that dates back in time to at least four generations. From that year Salvatore, owner of the company, chooses not to sell his grapes to third parties and to start producing his own wine that sells in bulk. This first production achieved important successes already during the Wine Festival of Montemarano, his country of origin, ranking first in the years In that year, Salvatore also included the bottling process in his business, giving life to the Taurasi DOC Riserva

We use cookies for analytics and to improve our site. You agree to our use of cookies by dismissing this message box or continuing to use our site. Cookie Notice We use cookies for analytics and to improve our site. Printed by, and for the sole use of. Vertical Tasting of Mastroberardino's Taurasi Riserva Taurasi is potentially one of Italy's greatest and most important wines, named after the small town of the same name in Campania that traces its roots back to an ancient Oscan village where wine has been made since at least since 80 B. The trump card of Taurasi is the grape from which it is made, aglianico, arguably one of the world's top wine grape varieties and certainly one of Italy's three best along with the better known nebbiolo and sangiovese.

I am wary of books that promise to take the mystery out of wine. Wine is actually quite complicated. This may explain why many people learn to love a few grape varieties — Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon — and ignore everything else. I have sympathy for this way of thinking. I use it myself in many other walks of life.

Exhibition of South italian wines. The week dedicated to the wines and oils of Southern Italy returns to the Castle di Sannicandro di bari From 4 to 10 June The 13 th edition has just ended in Sannicandro di Bari with the prize-giving of the International Competition and a conference about native wines and restaurants The thirteenth edition of Radici del Sud ended with the On Monday 11 th June in Sannicandro BA the thirteenth edition of the Exhibition devoted to wines from native grapes and oil produced in South Italy which can now be bought. Seven chefs closing the event with their dishes A great ending with tasting benches and a gala dinner at the Castle of Sannicandro BA The proposal of the Apulian event has been implemented: BtoB activities joined also by oil producers, a section focusing on natural wines only and the opportunity to buy.

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This year's Campania Stories took place between 28 to 31 March in the small fishing village of Cetara. Making it even more magical, the selected venue of the presentation to the press was at Villa Rufolo, a 13th century villa in the town of Ravello that was once owned by the rich and powerful Rufolo family. Whereas the tastings of Campania Stories was in one of the glass-walled banquet halls of Hotel Cetus , a four-star hotel that's set on a promontory overlooking an enchanting bay where it commands a striking view of the Amalfi Coast. Campania is a big wine producing region in the southern edge of Italy that enjoys a mosaic of diversity wherein grape vines, most especially the autochthonous ones, flourish excellently in their surroundings. It has a richness of minerals in its soil due to its volcanic components, while the Tyrrhenian Sea flanks it on its side and soft hills on the hinterland. The climate is Mediterranean, with fluctuations of nocturnal temperatures on higher altitudes in the evenings.

Vacations tend to be experiential in nature. Take a tour of the centuries-old Cantine di Marzo, seated underneath the thousand-year old Castello Longobardo, and speak with the owner about what makes Greco di Tufo different from other Southern Italian white tines. And come down to Barcollo in the evenings, play cards with the Tufese, sing karaoke, or play and dance to traditional Italian folk music. Tufo is a special place, full of unforgettable people and stories, and all the while emanating a kind of familial magic you just might forever after associate with the smell of basil. The city of Tufo, pop.

The city of Lapio , in the province of Avellino, will be the setting for the Fiano Love Fest , a three days of food and wine, conferences, itineraries and music. The event will take place from the 4 to the 6 August , and, as its name says, it has the goal of unite the flavors of Irpinia to love for their land , sipping together excellent wines , tasting the local products and having fun in company. In fact, at Fiano Love Fest there will be stands of the most important wineries in the area, producers of famous wines like the white Fiano di Avellino , Red Taurasi and l ' Aglianico Irpino. Wine will also be the protagonist of the tasting organized in collaboration with Slow Food Avellino, which will be possible to participate by appointment. There will also be local products such as the award-winning Ravece oil DOP and the Lapio honey , and products of excellence of some Irpine companies. The flavors of the three days will be accompanied by music popular and from young groups, as well as from culture.

Radici del Sud

The dim blue light of my laptop reflects off the lenses of my newly prescribed reading glasses. Reading glasses, yes, those are one of the many smaller milestones passed in There were many more significant changes this past year, some good and some unhappy. I will greatly miss the lively exchanges shared with two dear teammates, Jeb Dunnuck and Neal Martin, who both left our publication this year. It has been an enormous honor and a privilege to work with these two extraordinary wine critics.

Molettieri owns some of the best-located vineyards in Taurasi and his wines are textbook, uncompromising examples of what Aglianico can do here. After it seems like an eternity getting the wines ready for shipment via mondoimports we have finally have the first shipment of Salvatore Molettieri bound for Australia. They should land in Australia around the start of June. Antonio Galloni. Molettieri has tamed some of the wildness of Aglianico without losing varietal expressiveness.

September 19, It's worth noting that among mankind's accomplishments, "wine is perhaps one of its oldest inventions, possibly dating back over years" [according to my WSET book]. It's thought that its cultivation had was brought to fruition by the Roman Empire, who spread the love of the vine to other major-player nations we know today, like Spain and France. It is most likely though, the French who can [and possibly should] be credited with having refined and perfected the art of the process of turning grape juice into wine. Some folks may want to argue, some of the finer points of historical record that may be pointing in different directions, if so please feel free to comment below. I'm no historian or an expert on this region of Italy, but that said the point of this post is not about an exercise about historical perspective. Instead, it's meant to shine a bright light on a region that may not get as much coverage [flying under the radar] as I think these wines deserve and that the quality demands.



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    Taurasi Padre and its different vintages from La Cantina di Enza. Rated on Aug 14, Che dire due caratteri opposti ma il vino, quello di Enza, mi lascia senza fiato, un' eleganza figlia di una determinazione Luca Festa ratings.

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    and foreign guests) Wednesday - June 6 Review Read more · The top 7 Taurasi wines of Radici del Sud according to the Wine Buyers' · Oct 30

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