Fiera in campo vercelli 2017

Excellent reception of EDYPRO products in Fiera in Campo (Italy)

fiera in campo vercelli 2017

40° Fiera in campo vercelli 2017

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This is the great lure of a land which gives a sense of boundlessness limited only in the distance by spectacular mountain chains. The flatness of the land however is not a coincidence: another feature of a rice-growing environment is its inextricable link with water. That which appears perfectly flat in reality is not. There is always a slight difference in height between each field so that an ordered inflow and outflow of water can be organised. Come and pay us a visit at the farmhouse to learn all about rice and to experience life on the farm at firsthand, with a look at both modern rice growing as well as that of yesteryear!

It was the first participation of the company in this event, a meeting point for rice producers from all over Europe. The visitors were able to see first-hand the benefits that intelligent biotechnology brings to their crops and the results obtained, through samples that were exhibited at the stand.
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IRES Italian Rice Experiment Station is a private Research Center specialized in field experiments, rice breeding, variety development, registration, protection and commercialization in Italy, Europe and other target countries, supporting public Institutes and private Companies in reaching their results in a professional and efficient way. It is a research and experiment station open to collaborations both at public and private sectors, at national and international level. We want to create more value on high quality rice for current market and for future needs. We develop tailor-made solutions, adopt innovative systems and make use of our acquired experience to obtain results in less time and with low cost. First Part - Analysis.

Ukrainian Rice Systems Group is one of the leading companies, operating on the rice production market. We offer our products in 25 kg bags or in 1 kg private label packing. To our Ukrainian and foreign partners, we offer beneficial conditions of cooperation and guarantees of high-quality products, cultivated in the ecologically friendly region of Ukraine. We control severely all production processes, related to the production of rice starting from cultivation and ending with packing of finished products. It is confirmed by necessary hygienic conclusions. Having concluded an agreement with us, you can build long-term plans of production and sales and can be sure that we will not fail. We use our own logistics and warehouse resources, which helps us to guarantee opportune fulfillment of our obligations towards the partners.

Fiera in Campo 2019

KUHN alla Fiera in Campo di Vercelli - 2017




Event in Caresanablot, Italy by Fiera in Campo - ANGA Vercelli on Friday, organizzato dai giovani agricoltori di ANGA Vercelli e Biella, giunto nel alla .
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