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peppa pig episodi 2017

Welcome to the grown ups site for Peppa Pig and friends. The home for all the latest news, events, apps and activities for your little piggies!.

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A Peppa Pig episode has been taken off air because it sent a dangerous message to children about spiders. The episode in question, which was originally made for UK audiences in , suggests children should not be afraid of spiders in their homes. She and little brother George are then shown picking the spider up, tucking it into bed and offering it some tea. But that's not the best advice to viewers in Australia, where dangerous and potentially lethal spiders can crawl indoors. It had not been shown on TV due to unsuitability for Australian children but, on August 25, the episode was aired on Nick Jr, a version of Nickelodeon aimed at younger children. One outraged Sydney mum, known only as Jess, told Fairfax Media that she had complained to the television channel. After they were contacted by members of the media, Nick Jr agreed to pull the episode off air but still maintained that it "met their criteria".

A general practitioner, writing in the British Medical Journal BMJ , suggested the TV show aimed at preschoolers could be encouraging inappropriate use of services and unrealistic expectations of home visits. Dr Bell said she has often wondered why some patients immediately attempt to consult their GP about minor ailments, and as the mother of a toddler who is an avid watcher of the series, she writes that she thinks she has discovered the answer. Dr Brown Bear provides his patients with an excellent service, prompt and direct telephone access, continuity of care, extended hours, and a low threshold for home visits. Using a number of case studies Dr Bell reveals the potential impact Dr Brown Bear's actions and how it could affect patient behaviour. In one instance on the popular TV show, Dr Brown Bear makes an urgent home visit to a three-year-old piglet with a facial rash.

I was wondering if anyone knew any Italian shows for beginners to help with learning kind of like Quack for Spanish or just ordinary shows.. These wouldn't be necessarily beginner movies, but they are excellent and have subtitles in Italian. You'll be surprised at how much you understand and the words you'll pick up. They are both funny and very romantic with some sad elements, but overall a must see for any Italian speaker or student. Hope you enjoy! I think Netflix cycles through which movies they have on their website.

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'Peppa Pig' episode banned in Australia




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    Welcome to the grown ups site for Peppa Pig and friends. The home for all the latest news, events, apps and activities for your little piggies!.

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    The episode was meant to dispel any fears small children might have about spiders.

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