Ps plus september 2017

ps plus september 2017

Greetings PlayStation Nation and welcome to another PlayStation Plus update, this time for September This month is all about action.

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The line up for PlayStation Plus this month is finally here and there is some mixed feelings about this one across all the PlayStation consoles. Either Sony really does not care at this point or there is something to do with licensing. Ever wanted to be a truck driver? You have come to the right spot as PlayStation 3 owners not only do they get to go behind the wheel of a truck but get to race other truck drivers inyou guessed it, Truck Racer! Tired of Fifa coming out every year? Sony has you sorted with Handball where you get to play as all your favourites in this simulation of the sport that everyone is talking about!

The PlayStation Plus free games for September may have leaked ahead of their scheduled announcement tomorrow. Some, like the folks at WWG , even managed to take a screenshot as proof of their discovery. Shortly after the news spread, however, people began reporting that the sites the ads originally linked to have gone dead. This could indicate their authenticity, if Sony pulled the ads because they went live too early. If the ads turn out to be the real deal, then PlayStation users can look forward to two solid titles in September. In it, players take control of a new protagonist, named Delsin Rowe, with superpowers and fight through a fictional version of Seattle.

But when will they be available to download? You can watch the trailer above to get a better look at some of the games coming and also the extra benefits of PlayStation Plus, but keep reading for more info on each of the titles. He might not be a comic book icon with a box-office tie-in and a branded lunchbox, nor does he look terribly fetching in lyrca, but Delsin Rowe does have the super powers lots of them. Awakened to his remarkable powers by a chance encounter with another conduit, Delsin travels from his homely rural reservation into the heart of the besieged city with a score to settle. Two down and more to go! In this irreverent party quiz you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about each other.

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The wait for PlayStation Plus' free games for next month has been intensifying especially after Microsoft released their Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for September. This leaves video game fans only being able to speculate on what games will be available at least until Sony reveals the official list on Wednesday, Aug. According to rumors , "Ratchet and Clank" could be one of the games to be released in September. A lot of buzz has surrounded the game because of the fact that the original director of the "Resident Evil" series, Shinji Mikami, spearheaded the horror game. Even if Sony hasn't made any official announcements yet, they have consistently released the list for the PlayStation Plus on the last Wednesday of every month and there is no reason to doubt that fans can expect them to follow the same schedule for September. Hopefully, in anticipation of September, fans were able to try out the new " Rainbow Six Siege " game. It was free to play during the weekend and the developers promised fans that whatever progress they made during the weekend's trial run would be carried over upon purchasing the game after the official release.

September 2017s Free PlayStation Plus Games Available Today

Next up is Strike Vector Ex, a competitive first-person aerial combat game. - PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based platform for PlayStation players where Sony gives out a list of free games every month for their supported consoles.


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