Cyborg superman vs superman

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cyborg superman vs superman

Hank Henshaw is a fictional supervillain featured in the DC Comics universe, who normally . While Green Lantern defeats Mongul, the Cyborg lures Superman and the Eradicator to the Engine City main .. In the crossover story Superman vs.

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From starting his fictional life as a Marvel knock-off to being used as the lynchpin to launch several major plot initiatives at DC Comics, the character that would go on to be called Cyborg Superman is arguably one of the most interesting in comics. Comic fans know the former astronaut actually has one of the deeper histories of any character in the DC universe. Created in , the character has transformed from a forgettable one off character to being a formidable antagonist for a large portion of the DCU. While operating in a morally grey area, the team at Cadmus were generally considered the good guys. On the show, Cadmus has been responsible for putting alien guns in the hands of criminals and creating not one, but two Metallos.

Hank and the other three members of the Excalibur crew including his wife, Terri were exposed to cosmic radiation, resulting in the crash of their shuttle. As a result of the radiation exposure, the human bodies of two crew members were destroyed. However, their minds survived and one named Steven was able to construct a new body out of pure cosmic radiation, while the other, Jim Garrison, did the same using rock, gravel, branches and pieces of the shuttle wreckage. Initially, apart from Henshaw's hair having turned white, he and Terri suffered no ill-effects from the radiation and the crew traveled to Metropolis , in the hope of using LexCorp facilities to cure their transformed crew mates. During a brief battle with Superman , Steven became unhinged and eventually flew into space where, before the eyes of the pursuing Superman, he plunged straight into the sun. By this time, Henshaw's body had begun to rapidly decay while Terri was beginning to phase into an alternate dimension. With Superman's help, Henshaw was able to use the LexCorp facilities to save Terri, but died immediately afterwards.

Hank Henshaw is a fictional supervillain featured in the DC Comics universe , who normally goes by the name Cyborg Superman. While originally featured primarily as an enemy of Superman , he has in recent years also been an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. At times, he is also referred to as The Cyborg not to be confused with Victor Stone a. While the character debuted in The Adventures of Superman May and was created by Dan Jurgens , he was reintroduced as the original Cyborg Superman during the Reign of the Supermen storyline following Superman's death. Hank and the other three members of the Excalibur crew, including his wife Terri, are part of a radiation experiment designed by LexCorp that is affected by a solar flare , causing their Shuttle to crash. However, their minds survived and they were able to construct new bodies out of cosmic radiation and bits of earth and wreckage from the Shuttle, respectively.

Cyborg Superman , also known as Hank Henshaw , is an evil supervillain who resembles a cybernetic version of Superman. He has all of Superman's powers as well as the ability to control and manipulate all forms of machinery and technology. After a failed attempt to turn Earth into a new Warworld , he escaped into space, piggybacking on Doomsday 's body in a microchip he planted there while the creature was "dead". After that, he briefly took over Apokolips before being overthrown yet again. Most recently, he has become the leader of the Manhunters and an important member of the Sinestro Corps. He now wishes to die.

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This fight, I find to be very interesting and incredibly close in my own opinion., Cyborg Superman is a persona that has been used by two fictional characters in the DC Universe , both of which are supervillains that appear in comic books published by DC Comics.

Henry Henshaw (New Earth)


Cyborg Superman, also known as Hank Henshaw, is an evil supervillain who resembles a cybernetic version of Superman. He has all of Superman's powers as.
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