Drakensang new event 2017

Halloween in Drakensang Online: Dragan Returns!

drakensang new event 2017

Drakensang online event dragan 2017 1st mini jullov, spider 3lvl

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April 23, - R : Bugfixes. September 30, - R : Kingshill Rework and bugfixes. Quest redesign. July 23, - R : More destructible objects in the Myrdosch region, removal of sealed sites, , client preloading option. July 7, - R : Click on name in the chat box to whisper, health spheres cannot be clicked on, more variety in hit animations. May 21, - R : Graphic update for daily quests, bug fixes.

Check out the official trailer of Drakensang Online: Sands of Malice, featuring some gameplay footage:. Thanks to continual updates and improvements from its developer, Bigpoint Berlin, the game benefits from massive community support and continues to grow on a daily basis. Players must travel to the homeland of the faithful character Zahir, to investigate his claims that the land is cursed. Rumors abound of an ancient power, and a plot to free it from its prison beneath the temple. With this new expansion, we are taking our players on an exciting ride through an amazingly crafted Arabian setup. For more information on Drakensang Online, visit its official website.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics. Generally favorable reviews - based on Ratings. User Score. Summary: In the legendary continent of heroes, adventure and mysteries, something is on the move. With "Aventuria: Drakensang", dtp and Radon Labs are once again bringing Aventuria to the monitors of the role-playing community. Welcome to Aventuria, welcome to a new adventure! The story centres around Ferdok, an important trading city on the Great River.

Please support us with a one-time contribution and we remove your ads forever! We remove ads for 24hrs if you visit the link below. Drakensang: The Dark Eye Have your say. User Review. Graphic Cards.

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    New Moon, Help Pumranna or Keridwan get rid of her twin head-sister and defeat Special 5th Anniversary Event, Celebrate 5 Years of Drakensang Online .

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