Museo nazionale del risorgimento italiano

Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano

museo nazionale del risorgimento italiano

Viaggio nel "nuovo" Museo del Risorgimento

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The upper floor of the Carignano Palace building has hosted the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento since The museum itinerary includes the two original parliament houses: the Chamber of Deputies of the Subalpine Parliament - the only one in Europe, among those founded under the constitution of , which has wholly survived and which was nominated National Monument in - and the majestic courtroom destined for the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Kingdom, with vaults painted by Francesco Gonin, built between and The museum also boasts a highly specialised library known all over the world. Visit the website. Tariffs Tariffs.

The National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento Museo nazionale del Risorgimento italiano is the first, the biggest and the most important among the 23 museums in Italy dedicated to the Risorgimento , the only one which can be considered "National" according to a law and due to its rich and great collections. It is housed in the Palazzo Carignano in Turin. The museum was established in , shortly after Italian unification , even though it only had its first permanent exhibition in Originally located in the Mole Antonelliana , in it was moved to its current site which had previously housed the Subalpine Chamber of Deputies, from to , and then the first Italian Chamber of Deputies, from to Its exhibits include weapons, flags, uniforms, printed and written documents including the original manuscript of the song Il Canto degli Italiani , dated November 10, by Goffredo Mameli, now Italian national anthem since , and artworks. The new exhibition, opened on March 18, , occupies about square metres across 30 rooms, and covers the real Risorgimento period, stretching from the late 18th century revolutions to the beginning of the First World War. It includes a specialized library, a prints cabinet and a documentary archive.

Guided tours It is possible to book group guided tours, for a minimum of 11 people and a maximum of 30 people for each group, in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. Additional guided tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays at Services Use of multimedia devices during the tour. Museum visitors will find a range of multimedia tools that will enhance their learning experience of the specific themes: audio guides, video guides, App "MuseoRisorgimento" and interactive touch-screen tables and stations. Library and Historical Archive The Museum also offers a Library with attached a highly-specialised library housing newspapaer, books, pamphlets and single issues from nineteenth-century Italian periodicals.

Visita il Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano a Torino. Visita Palazzo Carignano, entra nella Storia.
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Mole Antonelliana, has been located in the monumental Palazzo Carignano since The museum was completely renovated in for the celebrations of the Unification of Italy, and shows the process of unification in a context of making nationalities in the Europe of the same period, in thirty rooms, from the revolutions of the 18th century to the threshold of the First World War. The National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento offers visitors the possibility to choose different routes, designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Specifically, there is a video guide in Italian sign language for the shorter visit, available to deaf visitors and lasting about 45 minutes. Using simple, accessible but at the same time, rigorous language it explains the theme that guided the general layout of the museum, using three particularly significant items inside each of the 30 rooms. Project M. Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano.

Museum of the Risorgimento (Turin)

Museo ben allestito e dotato anche di percorsi audiovisivi in alcune sale, nel quale si rivive Leggi il seguito. Un susseguirsi di emozioni che inorgogliscono., About our rating system.



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