Star wars battlefront sabotage mode

Star Wars Battlefront: here’s how Bespin DLC’s Sabotage mode works

star wars battlefront sabotage mode

"Tension Loop II ~ Sabotage Theme" (Star Wars: Battlefront EA) [25-Minute Extension]

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Take Your Battle to New Heights. Want to avoid becoming a target yourself? Get your hands on 2 new weapons and 3 additional Star Cards. This deal's getting better all the time. Key Features: New playable characters. Take aim as the suave but deadly smuggler, Lando Calrissian or get down and dirty as the ruthless bounty hunter, Dengar.

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Star Wars Battlefront took its time to come good. It wasn't until the end of , when the Death Star DLC dropped and completed the package, that it finally delivered on its considerable promise. Having burned plenty of early purchasers who paid full price for a content-light game at launch, EA DICE bigwigs have their work cut out to bring back singed-finger fans for the sequel. A proper campaign option would be one way of winning people over, but a better approach is perhaps to look at what the first game eventually got right - in particular, the Walker Assault mode on Hoth, Sabotage on Bespin and Battle Stations on the Death Star. Before we look at the strengths of these modes, it's worth going over why Battlefront initially left consumers a little cold.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Bespin DLC: Everything You Need to Know







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