Wordpress multiple email addresses for admin

Multiple Admin E-mails

wordpress multiple email addresses for admin

Wordpress Basics - Settings - Check your WP site's administration email address


One thing that I get asked over and over for a few years now is how to set multiple recipients to WordPress sent mails or Admin email notifications, So in this tutorial we are going to answer that question and provide a simple yet elegant solution. The whole plugin is available for download at GitHub. We are going to add cc and bcc fields to the WordPress Profile edit screen and to do that we are going to use the handy User Contact Methods Generator and we get this:. View snippet Clone snippet Download snippet. This will add two new fields to the user contact methods so the user each user can add his own cc and bcc email addresses and the user profile screen look something like this:. Next we implement our class constructor which will hook the class methods to the right action and filter hooks:.

To send Email to user and admin firstly we have to configure Email Setting globally. You can set default setting for email. Even you will be able to choose the server which you want to use to send email. Also, many other setting is provided to configure email globally. If you want to send an automatic response email to the user as well as administrator after submitting the form, you have to configure option separately for user and admin. ARForms allows you to customize email content for both user and admin.

Email Settings basically enables you to configure where the email needs to be delivered once a user submits the form. You can configure unlimited email notifications. For example: Admin Email Notification that is triggered to admin, User Notification email that is triggered to the user who fills up the form. First, you need to turn on the Email settings to start sending Email notifications with Everest Forms. You can also customize the subject and add additional message attached to the forms if you wish.

Do you want to change the WordPress admin email for your website? It is also used as the email address of the first admin account. In this article, we will show you how to easily change the WordPress admin email address. Normally, beginners use their personal email address when installing WordPress. For example, when a new user account is created, an auto update is installed, and for comment moderation notices. Most website owners soon realize that they want to use a professional business email address instead of generic free email accounts.

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