Pasta e basta torino

Dining in Turin. Guide to the city’s restaurants according to the top chefs

pasta e basta torino

Gian Paolo e CaterinaParole - Parole Parole - al Pasta e Basta di Torino

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Turin is currently living a culinary rebirth, with breakfast and brunch venues and cocktail bars, and innovative dining formats to boot. We asked the expert for their 3 favorite places. For a pizza, both Neapolitan and thin crusted Roman-style, either classic or with whole grain stone milled flour, Galla picks Amici Miei. Third tip? Do not forego his piece de resistance: the Jessica Cake, a decadent play of crisp hazelnut wafer, gianduja cream, chocolate biscuit, passion fruit, tiramisu cream, chocolate mousse and dark chocolate fondant glaze blanketing all. According to Turin native chef Baronetto, pizza is best at Pomodoro e Basilico , where Patrick Ricci researches and experiments daily with flours and leavening times.

Torino: la riscoperta della pizza al padellino

Padellino o tegamino non cambia poi molto. Ecco cinque indirizzi per assaggiare la pizza al padellino a Torino provati da Agrodolce. Per maggiori informazioni e aggiornamenti su Torino: il ritorno della pizza al padellino inserisci la tua email nel box qui sotto:.

I traveled all over Italy this summer and have to say that this restaurant stood out as one of the best places I ate. I ate there for two dinners during my stay in Torino., Grazie Ristorante - Toronto Yonge St.



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