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ncis season 1 streaming

NCIS Season 1 Reveille 1

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The 15th season of NCIS yes, the 15th will soon come to an end. It still has a lot of great elements, like Mark Harmon as Gibbs, the wit and humor of the show as a whole and that feeling of comfort many get while watching. NCIS does feel like home. It was hard enough when we had to say goodbye to Cote de Pablo Ziva David , but when Weatherly announced his departure, it was like a punch to the gut. From that moment on, the show lost some of its oomph. And now, with Pauley Perrette, our beloved Abby Sciuto , gone, where does the show go from here?

All Rights Reserved. At the end of the last episode , Vance told Gibbs that there was a problem with Fornell. Fornell will want Gibbs to do whatever it takes to bring down the drug dealers. Wait, Diane died in Season She was shot in the head. How can she possibly be alive? Will this have something to do with the mess that Fornell is going to find himself in?

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Sorry, we've found no buying or renting options for this title. If this information is incorrect, please get in touch. Want to know more? Keep reading for more information about each provider streaming NCIS. The series, which premiered back in , centres on crimes which involve the US Navy.

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How to Watch NCIS Seasons 1 Through 15 Online Without Cable

A terrorist holds Ducky, Gerald and Kate hostage while the rest of the NCIS team tries to figure out how the terrorist got inside and how to get their people out safely. NCIS - Season 1. Buy now on Amazon. Episode Guide Printable. Reveille Episode The terrorist who previously held a part of the NCIS team hostage, returns with a plan to attack the President. Gibbs and his team must follow the clues to reveal his identity and find Kate, who was kidnapped by the terrorist.

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